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Avast Cleanup 2016

Avast Cleanup is an efficient application for cleaning junk files specifically for android devices. Apart from cleaning various system junk files it also cleans browsing data. Avast Cleanup makes your device by cleaning extra and junk files on your system and android device. Additionally, this app removes any unnecessary files on your system or android device.

Also, it cleans browsing history, cookies, password, cache, adware extensions, and extra toolbars. Further, it’s a very helpful app for cleaning any kind of junk files, trash files, or any other unrequired data on your system. Since, unnecessary data on your system or android device affects the performance thus this app makes your PC or phone efficient by deleting such data.

Moreover, Avast Cleanup app is one of the best optimization app which enhance the performance of your PC drastically. This app increases efficiency of your PC because it cleans all unnecessary files from your system. However, in addition with cleaning unnecessary files from your PC this app is also capable to detects and remove malware issues on your PC.

Further, with the new version which is equipped with advance technology, now it is capable to scan your multimedia files silently then report any bugs in the media file. Furthermore, it keeps your system free of all junks and trash files which saves your system space. Also, it provides you cloud storage which helps in protecting your data.

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Avast CleanUp 2016 – Features of the app

  • This app helps in running PC in its optimal state as it removes all the unnecessary files from PC. First, it scans you PC then finds any junk files to clean, after this it removes all such files.
  • While cleaning a file, you needn’t require to reboot your PC, since all the scan and cleanup process occur in its interface.
  • With Avast, Cleanup app you can adjust the cleaning frequency by enabling scheduled scans. Thus, you can schedule the optimization process as per need like you can choose scans on daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • In case you require to restore your system to specified point or to revert the action then with this app you can easily revert any changes. Just use this app to revert your PC back to the original pre-cleaned state.
  • In comparison to other similar apps this app works 10 times faster also scans more issues by thoroughly scanning your computer system. It is capable to remove more issues, junk files and applications, also unnecessary settings and frees the space on your PC.
  • Further, it removes all unusable files, and cache, thumbnails which saves space.
  • This app has a useful system which detects threads for identifying bug threads, or spyware on PC.
  • Also, it scans multimedia files for any bugs or spywares.
  • With the compressed setup file users can easily and quickly download the setup file of Avast Cleanup. Thus, you require less data to download the setup files.
  • Additionally, this app has many helpful features such as Registry scan for finding and removing unnecessary registry files in case you introduce or uninstall a program.
  • Also, it helps you finding the bigger media or apps on your phone.
  • Using it you can easily find out system requirements for program.
  • Within the last 2 years this app has detected over 60 million varied extensions and tools that come bundled with freeware. Such freeware land on your computer then acquire the space and make your system or browser to misbehave. So, with this application your computer is safe from most extensions and tools.

Avast Cleanup 2016: more benefits of the app

Apart from all extended features this app is compatible with all windows and all Mac OSX as well.  Also, this app supports varied popular search engines such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari etc. Moreover, it is capable to clean your browsing history also your passwords and cookies. With this you can safely make online payments and shop online. Further, it safeguards your privacy and protects your personal data. Safeguard your passwords, emails, and all other significant data from the reach of cybercrooks.

System requirements for the app on windows PC:

  • System should run windows 7/8/10/XP/Vista.
  • At least there should be 4 GB RAM space.
  • At least there should be 1 GB space on HD.
  • For phones Android version 4.0 or above.

Avast Cleanup 2016

What are the main functions of Avast Cleanup app?

  • It helps cleaning all the browsing data from your web browser.
  • Remove spywares.
  • Cleans all unnecessary files from PC.
  • Secure online transactions and shopping.
  • Provides you total web security.
  • Boosts uploading and downloading process.
  • Frees space on your PC thus makes PC more efficient and fast.
  • Clean your junk files, system error files, thumb nails, unwanted settings, idle files and save space.

Installation and activation process for Avast Cleanup 2016

  • First you can download the Avast Cleanup 2016 with activation code here.
  • Now after downloading just click the setup and install the Avast Cleanup app.
  • When it installed successfully, download the crack or registration code or key.
  • Launch the app and try the activation keys or just copy and paste the cracked folder to the app’s installation folder.
  • Activate the app it may take a few minutes.
  • After this your copy of the app is now activated.



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