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Bitdefender Total Security 2016 Key! [Latest]


Bitdefender Total Security 2016

bitender total security 2016Bitdefender Total Security key which is more of an anti-phishing software than an anti-virus is around since 2000, its
launching year. There has been time to time updates to this software which has made this software more effective and friendly for users. The software has been guarding our PC’s and desktops against adware and malware attacks for many years. Its popularity among users seems increasing with every passing year. The software is updated every year and hence we get a fresh version of it almost every year.

We will tell you here about the improvements in the latest version of the software Bitdefender total security 2016 crack. Though the earlier ones were also user satisfactorily but there were some limitations that have been improved in the newer version. Bitdefender total security 2016 key carries out computer scans to refresh our devices, otherwise, it tends to get slower with the time.

The software clears all kind of Trash from your system that includes junk files, traces of browser usage and unnecessary documents which otherwise occupies a lot of space on our computer. Optimizer feature removes multiple copies of one file in just one click. In short, a lot of new features have been included in the Bitdefender Total Security 2016 key that can’t be counted on fingers.

Bitdefender Total Security 2016 Key

The Bitdefender users know it very well that this software has adapted a unique way to protect its license and validation process. You will see Bitdefender 2015 key and Bitdefender 2014 Keys using only one pattern of Keys i.e., a seven letter license Key. These Keys register your product for a specific period of time. After that time you have to purchase a new key online or by entering any of the below mentioned existing serials.

These Serials can activate any Bitdefender product, irrespective of its version.

BitDefender key: NN3DLQA (590 DAYS) – KEYGEN: S7DH3BG (356 DAYS) – SERIAL: 2WBCNEL (780 DAYS)
BitDefender key: SLLQZX8 (429 DAYS) – KEYGEN: WZ4RPJQ (201 DAYS) – LICENSE KEY: Q1NDMLI (897 DAYS)

Bitdefender total security 2015 keys are given as below:


Bitdefender total security 2016 crack IS already out, install and activate your software.

Installation instructions

  1. Download Bitdefender total security 2016 Crack online
  2. Install the Crack (The instructions are given on the page)
  3. Now launch the Crack and Click on Activate
  4. Congrats! Your software has been cracked successfully

Bitdefender total security 2016 keygen

Keygen is just another way of activating Bitdefender total security 2016. Download a Keygen online and generate a serial number with it. Use this serial number to activate your Bitdefender total security 2016. The installation and activation instructions are given as below.

  1. Download Bitdefender total security 2016 keygen
  2. The setup file will be a zip file
  3. Open the Zip file with Winzip or some other software
  4. Now Run Setup Keygen.exe
  5. Click Generate button
  6. It will generate an activator.
  7. Copy the activator
  8. Get one of the serial No into your software
  9. Your activation Process is completed
  10. Now enjoy the Software

Bitdefender total security 2016 key

It is not easy to violate the license and validation process of the Bitdefender total security 2016 software. Sometimes even Crack or Keygen may fail to activate your software. The license key pattern for Bitdefender total security 2016 software is totally unique i.e. a seven letter license key. The registration period is fixed. Once the period is over, you have to purchase a new set of Keys. But we are providing you here a readymade set of Keys that can activate your Bitdefender Total Security 2016 absolutely free.

Steps to activate Bitdefender Total Security 2016 with a Key or a serial are as follows

Activation instructions

  1. As usual Download Bitdefender Total Security 2016 online
  2. How to Download, the instructions are given on the web page
  3. Double-click the setup file to start installation
  4. Now enter any of the given Bitdefender Total Security 2016 Key (Security Keys are listed below)
  5. Congrats! Your Software has been activated


Here are some cons of Bitdefender total security 2016 software:

Where we discussed so many features of Bitdefender Total Security 2016, honesty with the customers will be only if we will discuss its cons as well. So here are some cons of this software

  1. It uses a lot of Ram during the scan, so if you have to boot your PC or Desktop, it may lower down the speed of your device.
  2. The Anti-malware sometimes blocks your internet connection. Some users reported that their pages either load slowly or don’t load at all.
  3. IM monitoring works with the protocols for Yahoo Messenger only
  4. Antivirus ability is far lesser than anti-phishing ability, so it can be considered a good anti-malware than a Good Antivirus.
  5. Overall, we can say that it is not the absolute one and it still needs many improvements.

Bitdefender vs Kaspersky vs McAfee Antivirus

These are the top 3 Antivirus solution today present in the market and which are leader in market. In a recent study has conducted test on these Antivirus to choose the best antivirus solution among them. Bitdefender comes out with flying colors and stood first among this antivirus.

Screenshot_2-1All top Antivirus were check under these categories such as Windows 10 Certified, Protection, Performance, Usability, Ease of Scanning, Resource use, First Quick Scan (minutes) and Average Full Scan (minutes).

What’s New in Bitdefender 2016?

Bitdefender 2016 is Windows 10 Ready – Microsoft much awaited product Windows 10 will launch on July 29. All the Bitdefender products like (Bitdefender Total Security, Bitdefender Internet Security and Bitdefender Antivirus Plus) are ready for windows 10 Operating System.
Brand New Bitdefender firewall – Bitdefender has change its algorithm and create a network firewall designed specifically for Windows 10.
Ransomware Protection – Bitdefender added another weapon in its arsenal which protects your important files, videos and photos from being held for ransom by malware. This will be your first line of defense against Hackers and malwares.
Synchronization Bitdefender wallet – You can now access Bitdefender wallet from any device you use; it is accessible from all devices.
New Password Generator – New feature has been added which creates strong passwords that are difficult to hack.
Autoscans USB: Bitdefender now has auto-scan USB, which will detect any malware in the usb before opening it. Now you can transfer your important files in USB without any fear.
Gamer mode: we all know that people use to download game from torrents or site which has potential threat to your system website. Bitdefender include this feature as gamer mode which will always active when you play any game.
Bootable Rescue CD: you can now have virus free bootable rescue cd.
Scans incoming email: Bitdefender has implemented this new feature which will automatically scan any email which is coming to your inbox.

We are reviewing here only most important ones. Scroll down the page to read them one by one.

Some of the most important features of Bitdefender Total Security 2016 are as follows:

  1. Bitdefender Total Security 2016 Crack is currently the No.1 anti-phishing software.
  2. The highest scorer software possesses an amazing ability to synchronize, share and create online Backup.
  3. The file encryption task was not that easy but Bitdefender Total Security 2016 has made it easier for us.
  4. You can apply Parental control remotely
  5. An Anti-theft feature has been added to the Bitdefender Total Security 2016. If you will use this feature, it will have no or very slight impact on the performance of your computer, otherwise, Anti-Theft features lower down the speed of the computer abruptly.
  6. Malware detection rate is tremendous. The new version is more user-friendly and easier to use.
  7. It contains features like secure online commerce browser, 2GB of online storage space and an AutoPilot. These features continuously guard your system, but the limitation is that overall scan speed is slow.

The million-dollar question that remains to answer is how to get this so much useful software into your computer, PC or mobile phone. The easiest way is to purchase the software online or a hardcopy. But if you don’t want to purchase it due to economy constraint or some other reason, don’t worry we have a solution for you. You can now get this software into your system very easily.

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